Residential Services

residentWe’re very pleased to now also be offering integrated water management systems to Austin-area homeowners, architects, home builders and developers. The practical application of our resource balanced design approach, integrated water management systems:

  • integrate quality of life with environmental quality;
  • integrate natural forces to minimize resource input and output and redefine wastes as resources;
  • integrate with traditional architectural design and construction processes; and
  • integrate functionality into the physical structure.

Blue Gold Systems offers residential design/permit/build services for the following types of systems:

Our capabilities also include implementation of green roofs and living walls which have additional aesthetic, energy-savings and environmental benefits. We provide comprehensive resource management consulting and relating to energy and closed loop systems.

Design and installation consulting and service and support are available on an hourly basis. We also offer regular system maintenance programs.

Please see the Projects Portfolio page to view a portfolio of recent residential projects.