2nd_planAt Blue Gold Systems, we strongly believe that every development project should begin with a water and wastewater layout. An iterative, up-front planning process that considers topography, site features and the resulting “flow,” prior to any other development considerations, shortens the design process, reduces overall construction costs, ensures a successful permit and conserves resources. Our planning process can be conducted as a stand-alone project or in concert with the design process and includes the following steps:

  • Determine client goals with exhaustive upfront interview
  • Investigate existing site conditions to determine best way to integrate site features into design in an attractive, functional and economical manner
  • Clarify regulatory constraints including federal, state, county, city and districts
  • Evaluate using Low Impact Design approaches when practical
  • Define a design project communication strategy—includes developing project update milestones, timeline of services, schedules, budgets, long term versus short term considerations, and present worth comparisons in planning reports
  • Create GIS mapping and exhibits as needed for reports or planning discussions
  • Consider custom designs as well as pre-manufactured systems
  • Estimate user fees based on:
    • technical operation and maintenance needs/costs, such as operator labor, new or replacement equipment, power usage, site maintenance, chemicals, and offsite waste transport.
    • ownership status and type of management organizations and systems
  • Analyze cost/benefit for different sizes and configurations of water and wastewater systems