2nd_permitWe understand that, for the developer, the permitting process can be technically confusing, cause expensive project delays and sometimes even be contentious. Blue Gold Systems has experience with water and wastewater system planning and design in government, private sector and non-profit environments. With this rare overview of regulatory frameworks and the interconnectedness of local, state and federal codes and statutes, we help our clients navigate the permitting process smoothly and efficiently.

Our staff has direct work experience in both water and wastewater oversight roles at the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and has put that experience to effective use in the completion of many water and wastewater permits and designs. We have completed design and permitting projects not only in Texas, but also in New Mexico, Oregon and Washington states.

Our thorough understanding of the permitting process also extends to serving as expert witness for contested water and wastewater permit cases. We have worked from both the developer and contestants perspectives on over 10 cases in partnership with such prestigious law firms as Lowerre and Frederick and Armbrust and Brown, LLP.

Blue Gold Systems is uniquely qualified to provide the following specific permitting services:

  • TCEQ Municipal Wastewater Permit Acquisition
    • Discharge: new permits/renewals/major amendments/minor amendments
    • Land application: new permits/renewals/major amendments/minor amendments
  • Water permit acquisition (public water system ID number acquisition and well permit acquisition)
  • Reclaimed/reuse permit acquisition
  • Submission of plans and specifications (see also Design)
  • Acquisition of CCN’s and CCN amendments (Certificate of Convenience and Necessity)
  • Districts creation collaboration
  • Expert witness of TCEQ Municipal Wastewater Permits