2nd_designIn addition to assisting you plan and permit your project, Blue Gold Systems can provide system design needed for any specific project constraints or conditions, including:

  • Rainwater and reuse systems
  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Water supply treatment systems
  • Water system transmission piping, storage and booster stations
  • Wastewater treatment and discharge or land application systems

Having experience reviewing hundreds of completed plans and specifications, including the oversight of innovative and alternative technologies submittals, at the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ), has provided Blue Gold Systems staff with an unmatched exposure to different sizes and types of water and wastewater system designs. We have experience using both custom and packaged design systems and our past solutions range from applying completely natural processes to creating highly technical/mechanical managed systems.

Blue Gold Systems strives to identify the maximum productive utilization of all wastewater plant effluents and constituents. Wherever practical, we suggest that our clients consider adding site reuse amenities, such as landscaping and fountains, or adopting other non-potable water applications, such as irrigating crops. These features can reduce design requirements and project costs, and conserve precious water resources well into the future. Blue Gold Engineering can provide design and permitting services for partial to full onsite or community recycling of water resources through use of cisterns, drip irrigation, green roofs and living walls.

With almost 20 years of local professional experience, Blue Gold’s Engineers have developed a large contact database of local vendors, suppliers and general contractors. Frequent communication with these contacts ensures that we remain current regarding technology and costs and that we provide clients with the most accurate estimates and advanced solutions. In addition, we utilize the most current software technology in order to deliver clear and concise visual presentations.