Information for Beginner Rainwater Harvesters

Rainwater Myths

This is a collection of a few of the more common misconception about rainwater collection we have heard. “I already have a rain barrel(s), why would I want to spend money on a larger system?” In Central Texas, the average annual rain fall is 32” so, if you have an average sized roof, say 1200 […]

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Winterizing Your System

When near-freezing temperatures are looming it’s time to address what you will need to do to winterize your rainwater, greywater and irrigation systems. You will need to watch the weather and take steps to protect your system when freezing temperatures are expected. You can set up alerts on that will send you a text […]

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Why Harvest Rainwater? A Quick Answer.

Here’s a list of benefits for the average homeowner: Depending on your irrigating needs, you can potentially halve your potable water costs. The City of Austin offers a rebate of up to 50% of costs, up to $5,000. Many customers say that harvesting rainwater is the most tangible and satisfying sustainable practice that has broad […]

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