Ideas for Larger Scale Projects

Great Idea: Green Roofs

Simply stated, a green roof is a roof on which vegetation takes the place of asphalt, gravel and shingles. A green roof consists of a waterproofing layer, a drainage layer, growing media (soil) and plants. Among the many benefits of a green roof are that it: mitigates urban heat island improves energy efficiency of building […]

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Great Idea: Living Walls

Living walls are vertical surfaces comprised of an irrigated plant mass. Living walls are an ideal application of harvested rainwater or grey water in that they offer biofiltration of volatile organic compounds to mitigate indoor air pollution. For more information, see: The Rooftop Garden Climbs Down a Wall, New York Times Tree Walls and Towers, […]

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Rainwater Myths

This is a collection of a few of the more common misconception about rainwater collection we have heard. “I already have a rain barrel(s), why would I want to spend money on a larger system?” In Central Texas, the average annual rain fall is 32” so, if you have an average sized roof, say 1200 […]

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Resource Balanced Design

With more revelations about the impact increasing numbers of humans will have on the planet and projections of water shortages around the globe in the very near future, we believe the use of rainwater, gray water and even recycled black water will become more widely accepted. We call our approach to water and wastewater system […]

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